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Okay, so the pre-cook feeling has begun.

I'm now thinking I might tweak the plan a bit and get the butt on at 6 PM Friday, give it 8 hours of smoke, and at 2 AM, pop the butt in the oven to finish and put on the brisket, giving the brisket a good 10 hrs until noon on Saturday, when I wrap up the cook with the chickens.

This way, I can catch the drippings from each piece of meat, I can avoid any airflow issues, and each piece of meat can get max smoke. Also, the 2nd cooking grate in the ECB is literally right on top of the water pan and I'd rather not have steamed meat. And I'm borrowing my father in law's cooler to rest the meat and I can get some butcher paper when I pick up the meet tomorrow, since I didn't foil my first butt but I may wrap the brisket.

How does this sound?
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