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Soda fountains are nothing but problems. I think it is a valid choice to not bother with them and stick to cans. The soda fountain is a total pain in the ass, and the ice machine is a close second. Another thing to consider with the ice maker and soda combo is they use a TON of water. Not only for the ice, but it uses water to release the ice, and then the cold plate consumes even more. In hot temps, it does not produce that great, and needs to be supplemented with bagged ice.

Odds are, you are not going to do the consistent volume to get support from coke or pepsi, and when issues arise, repairs are expensive. You have to store the bibs and be able to store and possibly filter enough water.

I will say this, though. As miserable as the soda fountain can make a person, it is also a cash cow. I charge $2 for a can at events and $3 for a 20 ounce self serve fountain soda, and most choose the fountain soda. Also, many seem to seek us out because of a clearly displayed fountain that carries both coke and pepsi products. There are a lot of folks who like fountain drinks.

Personally, I would only consider printed cups if the drink was something you were featuring. For instance, if you offer a great sweet tea, a cup with a logo might get you some business at an event. I sell very colorful drinks, and decided the money I would spend on printed cups was actually better spent on garnish and generic clear cups.

I think when you are talking about branding with a cup, you have to ask yourself how far you are going to go with creating your brand and if that is really going to accomplish this at an event. You might find that a red coca-cola cup nets you far more if you sell their products than your own cup, because they have billions invested into creating that brand. Don't let ego get in the way of a profit.
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