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Originally Posted by Hawg Father of Seoul View Post
I believe he means that it could easily be taken for granted, but it is hard to keep a 34 inch clearly defined aisle (without obstruction).
Correct. The average food truck is what 86" wide on the interior? If you have a 30 inch chef base on one side and a 24 inch counter on the other, you are already short.

Another issue I have been experiencing is that packing all the refrigeration in that tight of a space makes getting them fresh air a challenge. Brand new, they might work like champs, but let them get some age under those conditions and try to get them to proper temp. I have the equivalent of 7 refrigeration units and it is extremely difficult to not have their venting or fresh air obstructed.

Many of those things are not meant to operate in the conditions a food truck experiences. They are designed to operate in spaces that are already climate controlled. I am learning this the hard way.
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