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I love using fruit wood, when I get it from an orchard I always spend a few minutes peeling the logs before burning them. I have no scientific proof or anything but I am always afraid of chemical buildup on the bark. That said my good BBQing, fish smoking mate has used it for 30+ years just like me without doing so and is still around with no problems. His kid has all 6 fingers where as mine only have 5.... he says it makes it easier for him to undo the oily sump plugs at the Jiffy Lube so he is more employable. My mate also makes good money selling his colestomy bags to the local dopegrowers as high powered "Man-ure" fertaliser so he knows a thing or 2 and is pretty smart ... sorry bin listening to Larry the Cable guy again

Git R Dun, but maybe peel it B4 using it just in case and make sure it is long time dry...

Muzza in Perth for a bit

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