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It obviously depends on your cooker and this is the easiest thing to smoke. What many don't do correctly is prep. Prep to me is as important as cooking. I love going overboard with marinade/injections, hard, good rub,slather and time to sit for at least 2-4 hours in a fridge and have made terrific butts and briskets this way.
Also, if you have stable temps throughout and are attempting "pulled pork" then it's got to get over 200, then you can take it out. There is a point when it's too low it won't pull and taste as good and same thing goes you can overdo anything and trying to leave it at 200 some degrees internally can go from a perfect dinner to a very bland, dry dinner. Also, especially when your attempting to pull you need resting and insulation of at least an hour minimum for desired results.
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