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Found some matches.
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Default New member UDS build in progress!

Hey everybody, been lurking for about a week, almost dropped 1300 on a Tejas offset smoker and then thought it would be fun to build one myself since I'm handy, ran across the UDS and haven't looked back! So far--

New open head unlined 55
17" coal grate
Plumbing nipples/washers/locking nuts and a 3/4" valve
Heavy duty handle for the lid
Still have to source a 22.5 grate and buy the hardware for the rack to sit on

I'm looking to just do 1 rack about 8" below the flat lid (I like the look of just the flat lid)

I have a few questions:
1. should the ash pan be elevated off the bottom of the barrel or can i just set it in there and have the normal 3" of clearance for the basket?

2. I located the center of the drum using the 2 line, find center, run perpendicular lines. With my straight edge I noticed the drum has a rounded center and want to run a single 2" hole with a stack and rain cover. I've seen people do 2 stacks towards the edge, but i'm thinking the stack should be at the highest point of the lid. Thoughts?? I'll figure out how to put a picture up here in a few minutes. Looking forward to that first burn in a week or two!
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