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Default Outdoor kitchen design

Building an outdoor kitchen to accommodate new grill and clear off existing covered patio. We poured a 7x13 slab adjacent to existing patio slab and matched its slope for drainage. The plumbing and electrical have been roughed in as well. Now it is on to framing and I can't seem to figure something out although I think I know the answer. Please help.

The patio is sloped for drainage and I want my counter tops to drain as well so water won't just stand on them. Mistake???

Do I shim my framing to remove the slope and allow for plumb framing and brick work only to then have to recreate the slope so my countertops will have a slight run off and not hold standing water? Do I just follow the existing slope and have everything lean slightly?

Do I just quit worrying about my granite counter tops draining since a flat surface won't hold much water anyway?

What have others done? Am I over engineering this thing? It has been mostly diy til now but I am paying a pro to brick it.

Thanks for the help.
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