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Default Cajun Bandit

I have just bought the Cajun Bandit kit for my Weber 22.5" grill. Have used it twice. Once with chicken legs and thighs and the 2d time with 2 pork shoulders. The shoulders cooked for a total of 7 hrs, wrapped in tin foil for the last 2 hours.

Toward the end of the cook I lost heat and had to add more charcoal. I guess when they say use a full load of charcoal it means to fill it until the coals spill out of the rack. Is adding coal after 7 hours common?

I am buying the Maverick ET 732. It comes with a 3' temp line, but there are 6' lines available. Can you use the 6' line in either port (meat or cooker)?

I am new to smoker cooking, but have been on Weber kettle's since 1970.
Thanks for any advise you can offer.
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