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Default Canned vs soda machine

So speaking to the guy that is bout to be doing the food truck for me in the near future, he says that most people use canned or bottled soda vs the soda machine. He said the soda machine would be $4500 installed and it does not have a ice dispenser and I would have to give a customer a cup of ice. My whole plan is to have 32 oz cups with our logo and phone number on them which also acts as advertising if the experience was great which I plan on.
He said that a plumber would have to install the filtration system which is fine, but that still leaves me with ice problems and no cold plate for the drinks. I just feel it in my gut that I need the beverage station, but if I didn't have it, I could put in 2 tea earns which if I'm doing the math correctly won't be but $.28 per batch made. Bout $.40 sweetened. Lemme know if I'm shooting myself in the foot any which way.
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