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Originally Posted by FromthePitBBQ View Post
ButtBurner - awesome thread!! I have to try this.

I understand that RO lump is cheap & effective, but if I can do it myself and control the "purity" of the starting wood - why not give it a shot?!? Plus it costs nothing to do - maybe $20 for the drum conversion, and if I don't like it, I make the drum into another UDS.

Couple questions:

1) The smaller (interior) drum, once filled with wood to be "coalized" did you put any holes in it or just invert it into the 55 gallon drum? I've seen some people add a very small vent hole and some not.I did not put any holes in it. On my first try with an old trash can, it had some holes in it, and this allowed the coal to just keep burning and not get somethered out. When I checked it the next morning, the drum was still a little warm. I dont know what putting a vent hole in the inner drum would do for you. You want all the gasses forced through the bottom opening of the barrel so they can burn as they escape. when the ashes from the fuel wood pile up between the barrels, this helps the coal wood to stop burning and turning to ash

2) What wood did you use? Theoretically, if you're ridding the wood of all fillers, leaving only 100% pure carbon, you could use untreated scrap construction materials (gasp - yes, that would be PINE!!).As I stated I used apple, just because I had a bunch handy. If you read through that thread I linked to, they mention that you can use pine, but it does not burn as hot as hardwood.

3) Do you notice a flavor difference and/or burn times with your coal vs RO or other store bought? I have only used it once in a cook, so i really dont know for sure.

4) What's your yield (in pounds) if you pack the smaller drum full?I did not weigh it so I dont know. They provide info in that thread. I suggest you read through it. I am no expert in this.

Thanks!! I have all the materials for the build and burn and intend on doing this real soon!!
I like this method since I have a lot of wood I need to clean off my cabin property, and this is one way to do it. I also get hardwood slabs for cheap from an Amish sawmill that is close to my cabin that works real well.
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