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ButtBurner - awesome thread!! I have to try this.

I understand that RO lump is cheap & effective, but if I can do it myself and control the "purity" of the starting wood - why not give it a shot?!? Plus it costs nothing to do - maybe $20 for the drum conversion, and if I don't like it, I make the drum into another UDS.

Couple questions:

1) The smaller (interior) drum, once filled with wood to be "coalized" did you put any holes in it or just invert it into the 55 gallon drum? I've seen some people add a very small vent hole and some not.

2) What wood did you use? Theoretically, if you're ridding the wood of all fillers, leaving only 100% pure carbon, you could use untreated scrap construction materials (gasp - yes, that would be PINE!!).

3) Do you notice a flavor difference and/or burn times with your coal vs RO or other store bought?

4) What's your yield (in pounds) if you pack the smaller drum full?

Thanks!! I have all the materials for the build and burn and intend on doing this real soon!!
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