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Originally Posted by Pyle's BBQ View Post
So if I get this right. The first 500 people that show up at your vending site get ribs. Everyone else at the event will be eating other food? That may be a disaster waiting to happen. What happens when you run out of food? Who will they blame? I am glad you are willing to do this, but if you are looking to advertise you only reach 20% of the people at the event.

If you do 1/3 of a rack per person, that would be about 10 cases of ribs. The BB ribs I have been getting at Sam's are running about $2.69/lb. Average case is about $150. I don't know what spares are a case, but that may be an alternative.

These are just things that popped into my head. If you can swing it, please feed our troops and their families. I have done it and it is very rewarding.
The event is set up as an appreciation picnic for the troops and their families. There is about 4-5 other vendors that will have food available, but I am the only BBQ one there. I think on 2 of us will be cooking onsite, which in turn will help with the exposure. The rest is just drop offs/donations from Jimmy Johns sandwich shop.

St. Louis cut ribs are $2.89/lb. If I do a third rack per serving, I am now cooking 167 racks of ribs. That alone is almost $1600. They only have a $2000 but for me only. I am not set up to cook and store 167 racks.

I am trying to see if they will come off ribs and allow me to do some pulled pork sammies. I can come well under the budget so that should make them happy.

I am not a big outfit. In fact I have only done a handful of events. But it seems like I would be doing a disservice if I didn't try and work out something.
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