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Originally Posted by dmprantz View Post
I have a little bit of inside information on this, and I think it helps to understand where he's coming from: Carey has been cooking MBN/MIM for years, and believes that Memphis style BBQ is the shiznit. We're talking dry, savory BBQ that has been pulled. For him, turning in sweetly sauced pieces of sliced money muscle to win at an MBN event is just wrong. I'm not saying that I agree or disagree, but I get his point of view is all.

Again, I know from experience that some KCBS teams have been total jerks to him. Some warranted, some not. He's not the only MBN guy who thinks that KCBS teams are too uptight. I've spoken to a few others. Warranted or not, he's not alone in his opinion.

I think it's fare to say that competition Q and Restaurant Q are different. Saying that one is better than the other is an opinion, but ponder this: I can think of 4 people that I know who own successful BBQ restaurants and compete on the current circuit successfully. None of them cook it the exact same. What that tells me is that each one is better for its intended purpose. Just my opinion.

Note: I'm not speaking for Carey here and haven't discussed this article or thread with him. I'm just saying that I think I know how he feels better than most.


I grew up eating **** grilled, smothered in some sauce, you'd have to chew it into oblivion to be able to swallow the greasy, fatty, burnt sauce ****. Lets just say that growing up I thought I hated BBQ, particularly ribs.

Then, somewhere along the way, heaven forbid, I ran into a restaurant rib that was falling off the bone, and I LOVED IT. I thought this was BBQ....

I didnt run into really, and I mean REALLY DAMNED GOOD BBQ until I began judging Memphis In May BBQ back when MiM was a sanctioning body.

The ribs were (and are) extremely moist, pull cleanly from the bone with only slight resistance, and aren't sauced into oblivion; the very best dont have sauce at all; they dont need it. The pulled pork (from either the shoulder or whole hog) has wonderful bark, but it's not tough. It's spiced wonderfully and doesnt need sauce. The BBQ stands alone, on it's own, and could be a meal all by itself (no need for sides, or buns, or SAUCE). Frankly, IMHO, if you haven't experienced this, you're missing out.

Not that sauced, sweet BBQ isn't BBQ. It's your preference perhaps, and that's great if it is. I would like you to try some pure MiM/MBN Memphis Style Q sometime head to head, actually EATING (not sampling) them and decide for yourself.

I think what they were saying was that KCBS has had an influence. I know in 2004, 2005, we never saw money muscle come across an MIM table; never. The pork was pulled, and juicy, sometimes had a little bit of sauce, tender, not sliced/cut, and awesome. Times however they are a changin'.

All that B.S. above, like others have said, it's ludicrous to compare backyard (your personal preference), to restaurant (that which hopefully can be profitable), to competition BBQ which has to appeal to everyone and offend no one. They are not the same and never will be. Competing is a game. Whether you take it seriously (as perhaps the KCBSesque folks apparently do) or are there to socialize (try MBN; 2 folks dont cut it), you're not there to appeal to one persons personal preference, but to amaze X number of judges without offending even 1 judge. That's not your personal preference backyard Q; it's certainly not mine...

There's nothing wrong with that (above), other than to compare them is insanity.
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