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The referenced article, while being an interesting read, plays well in Memphis but not so well in Poughkeepsie or other areas.

Opinions are like a$$ holes, everyone has one; just some are larger than others. From a perspective of a small area of the US you get the opinion that theirs is the best, and it is, at that point in time and space. I can assure you that the stuff served in Memphis would not pass muster in Lexington and vice versus ; and the stuff served in NEW YORK CITY is bad dog food everywhere else (thatís an opinion).

KCBS is, for want of a better phrase, a melting pot of bbq styles and ideas that play well in all parts of the US. We all know the rules and play to the larger audience if we wish to compete and win. Do we change the way we cook depending on the area we are in? Not normally; do we change the way we cook depending on the organization we are cooking in? Yes, to accommodate the rules and style of the area and the method of judging.

Most cooks and teams in any sport or competitive organization work within the rules to do their best and know that going outside the norm, while invigorating, may not win because it is too different. Hence the trend to a middle ground with very few points separating most teams at the end and the good ones who have perfected the norm always near the top. Each year, these players may, and most times, do change over time.
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