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Originally Posted by mtbchip View Post
Competition BBQ... whoa. I got me an arse whipp'n last month on this site for shaking my finger at the Triggs Ribs trick of using margerine and foil to make ribs. I went on to say that my comp experience "opened my eyes" and closed my desire to compete.

Seems to me this article is SPOT ON. Gonna get a whole lotta folks bound up in their britches. "Because ya know we been doing it this way so long, it's GOT TO BE RIGHT". I don't know which post above referenced Trigg and his rib game. I don't know if it's a true quite that he doesn't like to eat what he makes for comp.

Nuff said. Comp BBQ has turned into a contest of who can put the best "lipstick" on that pig game. BBQ will NEVER taste like that from my cooker...... never.
Why do you keep reminding us why you don't like competition bbq in the competition bbq section of this forum?
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