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Originally Posted by cdkeach View Post
Okay. So I guess on re-reading it's only KCBS barbecue that he has a low opinion of. To paraphrase, a commingling of judges and styles has brought down the level of the barbecue. It has trended away from MBN (read: good barbecue) to KCBS (read: bad barbecue).
I have a little bit of inside information on this, and I think it helps to understand where he's coming from: Carey has been cooking MBN/MIM for years, and believes that Memphis style BBQ is the shiznit. We're talking dry, savory BBQ that has been pulled. For him, turning in sweetly sauced pieces of sliced money muscle to win at an MBN event is just wrong. I'm not saying that I agree or disagree, but I get his point of view is all.

Originally Posted by cdkeach View Post
And apparently KCBS teams are nothing but "barbtude" while MBN is about a laid-back party get-together.
Again, I know from experience that some KCBS teams have been total jerks to him. Some warranted, some not. He's not the only MBN guy who thinks that KCBS teams are too uptight. I've spoken to a few others. Warranted or not, he's not alone in his opinion.

Originally Posted by cdkeach View Post
I feel like most competition BBQ is light years better than what you'll find in a restaurant.
I think it's fare to say that competition Q and Restaurant Q are different. Saying that one is better than the other is an opinion, but ponder this: I can think of 4 people that I know who own successful BBQ restaurants and compete on the current circuit successfully. None of them cook it the exact same. What that tells me is that each one is better for its intended purpose. Just my opinion.

Note: I'm not speaking for Carey here and haven't discussed this article or thread with him. I'm just saying that I think I know how he feels better than most.

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