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Competition BBQ... whoa. I got me an arse whipp'n last month on this site for shaking my finger at the Triggs Ribs trick of using margerine and foil to make ribs. I went on to say that my comp experience "opened my eyes" and closed my desire to compete.

Seems to me this article is SPOT ON. Gonna get a whole lotta folks bound up in their britches. "Because ya know we been doing it this way so long, it's GOT TO BE RIGHT". I don't know which post above referenced Trigg and his rib game. I don't know if it's a true quite that he doesn't like to eat what he makes for comp.

Nuff said. Comp BBQ has turned into a contest of who can put the best "lipstick" on that pig game. BBQ will NEVER taste like that from my cooker...... never.
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