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Default Shoud I get the EGG? Quickly Please!

Costco is blowing out remaining inventory of Vision Kamado cooker @ $400. I know this is a great deal, and I do not have a ceramic grill, but should I add one of these to my alarmingly growing grill collection?

I know many of you have a diverse collection of outdoor cooking appliances, and I know eggheads love them, but does it really offer a different experience, say from kettle grills. I do understand their attributes such as holding temps and charcoal conservation, but will it add something I am overlooking?

I usually buy first, then question myself afterwards, and my wife even gave the green light(Bestest wife ever!), but I really could use some reassurance before I drop another sizable(for me) chunk of change. Thanks to all who can quickly reply, as I know word is getting out about the price drop and there are only a few left in inventory.
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