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Okay. So I guess on re-reading it's only KCBS barbecue that he has a low opinion of. To paraphrase, a commingling of judges and styles has brought down the level of the barbecue. It has trended away from MBN (read: good barbecue) to KCBS (read: bad barbecue).

And apparently KCBS teams are nothing but "barbtude" while MBN is about a laid-back party get-together. He obviously hasn't been to ANY KCBS events in Georgia.

Some pot-roast briskets not-withstanding, I feel like most competition BBQ is light years better than what you'll find in a restaurant. It would not be cost or time-effective to produce competition BBQ for sale in a restaurant. Maybe the takeaway from the article is that since they can't serve competition quality BBQ in their restaurants, it's better to just bash it in the eyes of Joe Public.
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