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Originally Posted by Alexa RnQ View Post
People are standing in line to eat what's being sold.

They'll also stand in line at People's Choice at BBQ contests.
Originally Posted by smokeisgood View Post
There's pretty decent bbq sold on a whole lot of corners in Austin. If they are standing in line for hours at one guys restaurant, that's saying a lot....
I dont get this either.

I understand the peoples choice lines, captive audience, limited time to get something from a team you may only see once a year...

But to stand in line for hours to get something they have every day? Sorry no way. Like you said there pretty decent bbq on a whjole lot of corners, cant see one place being worth 4 more hours of my life better than another. if its that good, I'll come back when you have enough staff/capacity to handle the load. Maybe its the NYer in me but aint nothing that good that I am willing to waste that much of my life.

Originally Posted by daninnewjersey View Post
As a total rookie to comp BBQ (did my first last year in Wildwood) there are some things I noticed right away. First, just about every team was as nice as could be. We of course forgot to bring some things and wouldn't you know it some complete strangers we met there had hooked us up with what we needed. A greater group of people I have yet to find. Second....regarding the food...I agree with the article. While that bbq wins comps, it is SO labor intensive, ingredient filled, and downright complicated to make I got exhausted just watching some of these teams cook. We just cooked what we usually make...and hoped that we would beat at least one team.
We beat a few and in my book we were winners (especially since the ribs are the same ones I sell). Look to each his own I know...but it seems to me making the food that complicated would kinda take some of the fun out of it...for me anyway. I mean it seems if you don't have a muffin pan in your arsenal you really don't have a chance of doing well....
I agree, they were a little off when describing the competitors as a whole, most are extremely friendly and helpful. We also like to have fun, sometimes a whole lot of fun but you have to realize that doesn't mean teams aren't serious. Like the saying goes, " The BS stops when the green flag drops".

The KCBS circuit is the largest and arguably the most competitive competition cooking curcuit in the country.You dont have to muffin pan your chicken but you better come prepared, you are going to be surrounded by some of the best people at their craft in the country at any given contest. Chris Hart said in another thread, doing it well enough to beat other teams each week is hard work. This is the big leagues and teams will take every measure they can to legally win but dont think that makes it any less fun. What they do might seem complicated to newcomers but look close when they are on stage, most are smiling from ear to ear.
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