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Originally Posted by Qbert60 View Post
Hey All!

I have given the opportunity to provide ribs and 1 side for 500 military families. There will be around 2500-3000 total people. The organizer has asked that I only provide food for 500. The event pays me, I cook, the families eat for free. Here are my questions:

- I have never done something this big before. Most I have ever catered for is about 100 people. I have used the catering calculator provided here and at 2 bones per person, I need 84 racks of ribs. Does that sound right?

- I have a cooker that is modeled after a Jambo. Hot up top, even heat on the bottom. I can fit, maybe, 30 racks between the two shelves. Top shelf will cook faster obviously. Do I cook as many as possible the day before and reheat on the pit at the event? Suggestions PLEASE!

- Because this is strictly for the military, do I take a hit on price for the sake of advertising and exposure? They have a budget and my numbers are reflecting my costs to be 3/4 of the budget. I asked why the other ribs guy wasn't coming back from last year and she said price. Champagne dreams with a beer budget?

Anything else that might help would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance!
First off, thank you for wanting to step up and provide that service. If I was in MI, I'd definitely lend my rig to your services.

I think 2 bones per person is WAY LOW for military folks. I have done cooks for the Marines here at Quantico and 4-6 bones is an average. Trust me, they LOVE home cooking.

I've never done a reheat on ribs so I can't speak to that one.

That's a tough call. If you can handle it financially, I would take the hit. Good vibes, good feelings and good pub. And I can say from experience, those women and men will support you in the future so a little pain now will go a long way for future gigs. Just my 0.02$
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