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Originally Posted by captndan View Post
Just a couple tips. You can get the 30 gallon can at the fast lube places usually for free.Cannot find 30 gal barrels at oil change places. All they have is 16. I wll keep looking but they all tell me they dont get 30 gal anymore. Fill it 3/4 not full. Use fist size pieces. I put saw dust and a little diesel in the bottom of the big barrel. No need to fill it completely or cover the top with burn wood. Three ft. chimney not six. Since good lump has no flavor of it's own save the cherry, apple, etc for smoke flavor. Neighbor gave me huge pile of old apple, thats why I used itGood hard oak makes good lump. The burn wood is for heating the wood in the smaller can to release the combustible material. (as gas). The gas is burned off as it comes out the 'bottom' of the barrel. Too much heat caused by too long a chimney, too much burn wood, and too much wood in the little can causes the chunks to break down into smaller pieces. The batch is not done until the barrel can be lifted with no gloves. This slow down period also reduces the amount of moisture in the finished product. Rum is better than beer when making lump.
thanks for the other tips
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