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Originally Posted by joshcary View Post
Not true. Rub from Swamp Boys cooked on his Yoder Smokers Kingman Comp Cart and his Yoder Smokers YS1320 pellet. The YS1320 has the bright green cart, but wasn't shown all that much during the episode.

As to what smoker to get? The Yoder Santa Fe is just above your price range ($3,395), and it could easily cook for smaller catering gigs. There are a ton of good smokers out there though, and I'm sure you'll find something you love that fits your needs!
I spent a year researching which smoker to buy. Initially I wanted a whichita. After reading all the posts on here regarding lang, I went back and forth between the lang and yoder whichita.

I couldn't afford the yoder kingman (and would only need that size one time per year for a neighborhood pig roast), loved the thought of the durango, but didn't really fit with my backyard. So I went with the loaded whichita and could not be happier.

This think is built like a friggin tank and once up to temp, it is as easy to control temps as your kitchen oven. Wood is cheaper than charcoal...and the taste is second to none in my opinion.

A good friend of mine recently got an egg...not my cup of tea...but I guess that's the point of this thread....what do you want?
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