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Originally Posted by SmokinAussie View Post
Thanks for the compliments.

Yes, what Buccs says is 100% accurate. With the Key Lime Pie, we road tested it the week before. (I also road tested a Pork Shoulder). We went to USA foods and bought a Graham Cracker Pie Base and then followed the recipe. First of all the pie base was so sweet as to be sickly and the lime filling was very much the same. With a lime filling, we'd expect to have it taste very tart. So, we made out own pie base from Granita Biscuits, which as the closest local thing to the Graham Crackers and added no sugar at all. Then we HALVED the Sweetened Condensed Milk content, meaning a lot more lime juice and eggs were required. So we actually used real fresh limes from my Mums lime tree to add to the stuff that Bluetang sent me. That meant more tartness and richness without the sugar hit.

As for the pulled pork, yes I did glaze with a very small amount of Myron Myxons Pork Shoulder Glaze recipe, but not too much. I just brushed it on once and that was enough. So, the pork was served "savory" not sweet. I supplied a sweet and tangy sauce on the table if anyone wanted to pump in the sweetness... made from Peach Preserves and a bucket load of light corn syrup.. Nobody really wanted it. It sure tasted good though.


You champ!

Thanks a mill for posting that innovation, genius!!!
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