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Originally Posted by dwfisk View Post
Thanks for this post, I've been wanting to make my own charcoal for a while now. I'll certainly do a little more research on the web as you suggest, but this method sounds simple and cool. Sometimes I'm a little dense so please excuse me for a couple questions:
Does this method have a name - what do I search on?
So you fill the inner drum, leave the top open, invert it with the "open" top sitting on the bottom of the larger 55 gallon drum and fill the space inbetween with the burn wood? Yes
Do you light the burn wood on the top or bottom?after stuffing the sides with wood, fill the space on top with kindiling and light
What size wood chunks did you use to make the charcoal?I have been experimenting with this, they say keep them under 4" I used about 3" thick logs from branches
Thanks again, this is uber neat, at least for me.
Here is the link, its from another site so I am not sure if I can post it but I will and they can slap my _ if needed
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