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I've been a convert to H&F for almost a year and really don't miss most all nighters, especially when I'm the only one tending the cook. I think an exception for me will be those occasions in the fall-winter when the evenings are cool and a bunch of folks hang out, socialize, share the cooking duties and the nap times.
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Your a dieing breed, staying up all night and being to pooped to pop the next 3 days is why I cook H&F. Fire the pit at 7 brisket on before 8 done by 2. sleep like a Baby all night long Priceless.
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I suppose according to Bludawg we're a dieing breed... That said, I'll still catch a cat-nap before getting up around midnight for the cook. I cook hotter and faster than some, but not so's you'd say pure hot-n-fast; briskets (and shoulders) off around 11am; lunch served at 12:30pm rain or shine.
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