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Wanted to give an update. This weekend I went to see both the Akorn and the Visions Classic in person. I think I'm actually leaning more towards the Akorn now. I saw what oldhoss was referring to. Even though the Visions is ceramic, it didn't seem as well put together as the Akorn (although the Akorn had a slightly cheap feel to it as well, I was expecting that given its price).

I like the grate setup better on the Akorn and also liked the swiveling second level grate they have. Also having the inside lip to hold another grate on the inside was a huge plus for me. Also liked how the ash catcher removes on the Akorn - but hopefully this doesn't come with a price in air leaks.

Think I will probably pull the trigger on this sooner rather than later. I figure I can try out Kamado cooking for a few years with this at a small price, and maybe down the line will upgrade to a BGE if I seem to be getting a lot of use out of it.

Meanwhile, I cooked up some amazing pecan smoked chicken thighs and seared ribeye at the same time on my OTS this weekend. Wondering if I would have used the Kamado for this if I had it......
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