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Originally Posted by TheBourbonBear View Post
You mentioned having to tone down the sweetness of the pie for Aussie tastes. Do you put a sweet sauce/bark on the pork or do you have to tone that down a little too?

Everything looks great. I know what it takes to cook for that many people so anybody that can pull it off as well as it looked like you did gets a pat on the back from me
I cooked 4 different beans recipes from USA, and all 4 got the eaters freaking out and saying it was a dessert.

I learned, and my bean recipes this last year have contained NO sugar(or syrup etc) or just a smidge if acidic and have been raved about.
It also makes me think the opposite may be a problem, if I cooked my chili or beans recipes over there I may be getting dirty looks?

We note not only in BBQ but in cooking in general, American recipes use buckets of sugar compared to our tastes, and since sugar is a flavour masker that becomes a real issue with the expectations of the eaters.
Different cultures is all.
It seems you never really leave high school....
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