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Default Continued Build Progress

My trailer build has been going a lot slower than I planned, but work has been busy and my two main helpers are busy pipefitters as well. Here is where we were in Feb.

We made some progress over the past two months and then we really took some steps forward in the past two days. The plan is to cook a pig on this on the 27th of July. My neighbor (the main welder) is having a graduation party for his youngest daughter (babysitter of my kids) on August 10th and wants to cook a pig. I do not want that to be my first pig, so the 27th is the test run. The whole trailer will not be done, but it will be functional.

Since the last post, we have added a Philco fridge that will allow me to hot/cold smoke sausages and hams as well as provide a smaller smoker chamber.

We have also added the air intake pipes for the fire box with custom homemade dampers.

Out of the firebox we have two 8 inch pipes with dampers. One more damper needs to be added to the pipe closest to the firebox. It will allow me to send smoke out of the right pipe, into the chamber of the big smoker to cool off and then back into the fridge for cold smoking.

Mounted on the other side of the trailer is a Tejas charcoal grill. When I got it off Craigslist it was modded to have a fire box and was made into a smoker. I took that box off and made it back into a charcoal cooker.

In between the charcoal grill and smoker chamber, I have room to mount a turkey fryer that will allow me to cook on my 28" discada.

We added two 6" chimneys on the smoker chamber. We also created two custom chimney tops.

For the rack, we fabbed up a setup that allows me to pull it out on rollers that are bolted to the rack and they ride in a channel made of strut. It keeps the rack from coming all of the way out as well as tipping. We then created t-handled bolts that can be easily removed to pull the whole rack out.

Before we can cook the pig, we need to tweak the hinge, add the heat deflector in the chamber and cut out the air intakes inside the firebox. We are really close.

The long term plan is to get this sandblasted, painted and then I have a bunch of aluminum diamond plate for a deck and a wood box for under the chamber. Slow and steady but progress is being made.
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