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Originally Posted by Pyle's BBQ View Post
"I would like some of the vendors that do BBQ, sandwiches, sides, catering to chime in and lemme know if I'm missing anything on this truck." - jmoney7269.

Sorry for giving my assessment of what you are missing. After running my BBQ place for over a year and having to make changes that would improve work flow from the original lay out. I pointed out things that I though would make your life easier. I don't care if you slice in front of customers or not. You will need something to hold the meat between customer. If you plan on running back to the proofer every time you make a sandwich that is your call. Also pulled pork will have to be somewhere, I didn't see where you are holding that. Since you have this all figured out.

Good luck.
On this note, I think this is where you have to look at your business plan, the investment, and how much food you want/need to get out the window in a given time.

My personal goal was to get at least 150 people served per hour during peak times. This is nigh impossible without proper holding equipment for finished product.

To put $200k into a business, pay the event fees/commissions, labor, fuel, etc, you need to be able to do high volume. The line behind your window will only queue so long before people settle for an alternative, even if they were interested in your product.

I began with the question, "What do I need to do to get that many people to my trailer?". Some will say just the aroma of BBQ will do it. Others say all you need is a sign. Personally, I think it is a lot more than that, but it is at least a question that must be addressed. I see a lot of people starting businesses that they are probably very good at, but they fail because they don't get the sales side.
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