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Originally Posted by PanamaExpat View Post
^+10 on that business plan. That will be the toughest two weeks of your career writing one up that is based on reality and not pie in the sky. Those short term and 2 or 5 year projections will snag you by the short hairs. But that is the key to determining if your idea is viable or not.

Remember I am not saying you don't have what it takes. Nor am I saying you will fail. I just think you are doing a lot an a dream and not enough on paper.

I am working on a similar idea and like Fooskey said you need to take water and ice into serious consideration. I am looking at a trailer that will haul 1000 gallons and am not sure that will be enough. You are going to have a nice rig if you build it correctly but don't forget your support vehicles... I am looking at not only the food truck trailing the smoker but two full size pick ups pulling pulling the rest of the portable restaurant.

Another thing you may want to take into consideration is a propane fired gen set. Here they are about $3.5K and produce 7500 watts continuous. They are also much quieter and better smelling than their diesel counterparts.
Yup. Then when you add water capacity, GVW becomes a concern. My trailer is already approaching 30k pounds and requires a CDL. What is the GVWR on the step van in the OP?
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