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Originally Posted by RangerJ View Post
I have no idea why I'm going down this rabbit hole...

J, I'm curious as to what the rules / laws in your counties about the prepping of the food. Seems like the truck itself will meet all the needs of a commercial kitchen but no one allows food to be cooked at home and many require the pits to be screened in. I guess if your hauling your pits behind you and cooking onsite your good to go but if your plan is to cook and hold for like Brenham football, etc. Where are you going to do the actual smoking?

I punted on the food truck idea for two reasons, a.- no one is liquidating any funds my way and it was not cheap as I'm sure you know. b.- I could not figure out the pit issue. Well I could but I'm giving into the "Texas Hype" and using "non gassers".

so, I'm going with a trailer and a screened in porch. allows me to smoke just about where ever I'm at.

Looks like an awesome rig!
Rabbit hole? Thats where the adventure begins. Wes thanks for the inquiry. I will check into it further, but there are several restaurants that my buddy's own or have owned that did not have screened in pits. The trailer will be hooked up via receiver hitch and will just be leveld via lynx drive on levelers. You can cook and hold or you can cook on site if you have a permit and your kitchen is inspected via local city HD. If the pit is not inside or part of the building it's not necessary for it to be stainless or NSF approved and screened in. That's for insect control mainly, but there will be no prepping done near the pits so I'm good. Very good questions. Definitely need to have all the bases covered.
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