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I noted $2.58 at Walmart today, but I did not notice if it was Select or Choice. I wasn't buying, just was curious. I was in GFS right after that, and saw Choice for $2.49. Sams here only has flats. I think they may be $4.99, as someone else mentioned. I'm not certain. I do know that a friend bought 4 of those flats from Sam's a few weeks ago, so that I could cook them for his son's graduation party. They were in cryo, not trimmed of fat, but without the point. They cooked very nicely, and were delicious.
As a side note, the reason that I was in both Walmart and GFS today was that I was buying spares. The Walmart spares were "enhanced". I read that, and left the store. GFS had spares for $0.10 more ($2.09 vs $1.99), no added "solution".
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