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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Thumbs up I finally did it.

Found the barrels for $5 on CL.

They were grease barrels but had the plastic bag liner. Really clean inside but I did a big burn just in case. Then I power washed and hand scrubbed.

Clean before paint. I touched it up with a wire brush on a grinder first.

Found the Walmart grate on sale for $10. I just used 1/4" bolts for the rack mount. Works good. Also went with 4 3/4" holes that for now I am using the magnet method of air control. I can always go back and add the nipples, caps and valve if needed.

Black BBQ Paint. Just keeping it ugly for now.

Season/test burn. Coated with spay oil and burnt ran for several hours.
Held stead on 325 with 1 and 3/4 holes open. 250 with 1 hole open.
I just hand bent and wired a basket for now.
I will make something better up when I understand a little better what I need. Or maybe I will just use this one for ever!

Ran some leg quarters just to get the hang of it. I put a little to much wood in but other than that it was very easy to use.

Turned out good. Better half and kids loved them. On to bigger and better cuts.

Advice. Just build it. Very easy, cheap and seems to be a capable cooker. Much easier to use than the cheap offsets I have used.
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