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Originally Posted by TailGateJoecom View Post
No need to speak to someone that way when they are giving you legit advice that you asked for. This is a pretty quick way to turn people off from offering any advice, just my opinion.

Great that you "have it all figured out." Than why did you start this thread?
The thread was started to add any ideas to the already existing ones. Don't go hacking up what I said like the liberal media. Already and pretty much aren't the same. Pretty sure I don't need any lessons in semantics, but how else are you supposed to respond to Pylebbq's opening statement. Some people post to degrade, down, help, debate, naysay, and even whistleblow. Just depends on the nature of a post and how it's construed. Sorry if ya took it the wrong way. What was gonna be your helpful Idea to the OP?
People that poke have no problems takin pokes also.
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