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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
HEB is $2.18/lb at most locations for packers that can vary from ungraded to CAB Choice. The closest wally world to me has packers for $, and they vary from select to choice with a ratio of about 50/50 select to choice in the display case at any one time. So if I were gonna get a brisket, I'd head over to wally's and pick out a nice choice packer in the 9 to 10 lb range that has an evenly thick flat and a decent point.

The real deal is when wallyworlds' packer briskets get close to the sell by date. They will mark them down to around $1.25 a lb, and they were nice enough to wet age them for me.

Good stuff here! I pay $2.99# and can go through as many as I like till I find what I'm looking for at my buddy's BBQ place. He gets a pallet in every Tuesday.
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