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Originally Posted by Pyle's BBQ View Post
Honestly, I don't see how anyone with cooking experience would want to work in that kitchen. If you want speed and you do, there is no steam table to hold finished product for sandwiches. You will want a holding area for fries and your baked potatoes. Get a dry toaster the butter one will be a big mess. This is the one I use Prince Castle and get very good results. What are the 6 burner stove, flatt grill and charbroil grill for? You do not have anything on your menu that would dictate that equipment. A cold table near the serving window for cold side would help in serving. These are just a few things I noticed.
Well, lucky for me that you wouldn't want to work in it then. It's a limited menu and do not require but all of that. I'm about fresh sliced In front of the customer service. If you don't do that in Texas, you probably don't have a very successful BBQ restaurant.
The 3 foot table near the fryers will have a Glo-ray infrared heat lamp. The burner is a step up design that has a convection oven below. On that we will make the BBQ sauce fresh, pinto beans and whatever else we need it for. The reach in will have all the cold sides along with the sandwich build, which the last pic clearly shows ;) That is a full sized proofer that can hold 25 briskets including sides, without sides even more. The flat top will be for burgers, the charbroiler will be for the ribeye sandwiches. I will have a butter bath bun toaster, the same one I used in Chilis for 5 years similar to the one you posted with a pan to roll them first. if the service window is of a certain size it will pass HD Inspection. The guy that is going to build this IMO is top of the industry. He builds them according to your states HD codes, all you gotta do is pay him and they make it happen. This is not gonna typical food truck you see on tv the little 18-20 footers, its a 31' long freightliner with a 26' work area. There will be no cramping. I have worked in high volume commercial kitchens (45-70k weekly sales average)since I was old enough to work and even before that when my parents owned a restaurant at one of my grandmas hotels. There is a big following of vending in our area and I expect no problems of business and will choose my own hrs and events. Got 2 friends that vend carnivals and antique festivals and make over 100k with just a basic vending trailer with a flat top, fryer and beverage station, nothing fancy. Will be mainly Doing Brenham football games, ATM games, antique festivals, and local carnivals. Might even open up one day a week like snows bbq. just like debeers diamonds, hold back product, create demand. It will have a HWH hydraulic leveling system so I can pull up anywhere, push a button to level up, push a button to get the generator going and prep and cook. Generator uses 1/2 gal hr of fuel@50% load which is right about where I will be. All advertisement will be from a website that will sell all of my rubs once I market them, and the vinyl wrap will have info on it, as well as social media advertising which is free via Skype, Facebook and twitter. Hell you never know, guy fieri might even stop by one day. I appreciate some of the concerns, but I pretty much got it all figured out.

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