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Originally Posted by plowin-fire View Post
Ok I think I better pull the trigger. Anything you don't like about it? Get good smoke flavor with it?
There is absolutely nothing I don't like about it..... In fact I still smile every time I start the Down East Beast. I am happier with it now than I was when I bought it, it is AWESOME!!!!!

I get great smoke flavor, but as you know flavor is dependent upon what type of wood and how much you use. I use 4 fist sized chunks of apple or cherry for the most part, but do occasionally use oak, maple, or hickory when the need arises. Sometimes I'll also scatter a handful of chips or pellets on top of the charcoal as well.

It also makes a great cold smoker with the use of an A-Maze-N pellet smoker in the bottom.

I have cooked brisket, pork, chicken, made jerky, smoked sausage, and hams.

For me and my needs, it is the ultimate perfect smoker.
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