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Originally Posted by ubp_sanity View Post
I've downloaded the updated app, but now it can't connect to my guru.

I login and it takes me to connection settings. with a blank device address field and port.

I enter my address as a * address and port 80..

Then I hit enter (or continue...) And I get an alert telling me to "Please configure your WiFi Guru using Settings"

So I go into WiFi Setup under settings, and none of the boxes will let me enter any data.
I think at this point being you are in set-up mode you need to put the IP address as it is assigned to the router. Once it is recognized by the router you set-up port-forwarding so that when an outside port call comes in the router will direct the call to the proper VPN IP address. or will direct domain name calls to your web IP address via their name servers.
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