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Found some matches.
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[IMG]/Users/jacob/Desktop/photo.JPG[/IMG] the bad news.
So i could not for the life of me get miss piggy centered on the spit. and the spit which was rated for 50lbs didn't seem to manage our pig too well (like it would turn part way and give up), the good news. we improvised our spit- using chain link clamps. three neighbors pitched in taking turns pig tending. ...turning every 20 mintues or so. we had some areas that seemed a bit uneven and began tenting w/ foil to even out the heat. and that worked. and people loved it! and two people brought guitars and we pretty much sang and had a really great time. NEXT time i think i'll serve right off the grill. i like food to come to the table hot. and crowds just dont come when u call them :)
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