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Default Need a few tips for Cornish Hens

Hey y'all I've got 5 successful cooks under my belt on my wsm 18.5 thanks to the brethren and advice from Toast and my Weber cook book, three pork butts, 1 brisket and three racks of pork loin ribs. I've paid close attention to everyone as it pertains to what I've already cooked but now I'm ready to do some poultry cause I'm burnt out on pork and I didn't really pay that much attention about cooking birds except for a few things. I'm going to cook a pair of cornish hens tomorrow and have the following questions. 1. I've heard y'all say that birds must be cooked at a higher temp to prevent rubber chicken skin. What should the temp of my smoker be? 2. What IT am I looking for and length of rest? 3. With water pan or without? 4. Should I coat the bird with light oil prior to the rub? I know I can hold 300 degrees with the water pan. I'm so impressed with the forum and y'all's helpful advice. Thanks for any input you can give me .
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