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Default Run away brisket or bad probe?

Last night I trimmed my brisket, leaving about 1/4 inch fat or so, put the rub on and put it in the fridge. Its about a 4 pound packer.

This morning I fired up the WSM, got it humming and stable between 225 and 250. Then I pulled out the brisket put the probe in the middle and the the brisket on the smoker. My first indication of something wrong was that the temp read 68 right after pulling the meat out of the fridge. Then, after about half an hour the temperature read around 120 and now after almost an hour on the smoker its reading 155, where I planned to pull it and wrap it.

Does that seem a little fast rising to you? I know its a smaller cut, but it seems that at 225 or 250 even it shouldn't have risen that fast. This is the second brisket I've ever done so I'm still trying to figure out the whole process.
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