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Once Again I apologise for not have the "During the process" pics that I posted earlier, but hopefully I can explain everything.

First I added the damper to the lid. I followed the exact same method I did for the lava pan dampers except that I did NOT flatten them out. The curvature actually works well with the rounded lid.

Next was the fiberglass rope around the lid. I see what some people are saying about the fibers, but I really didnt notice much if any falling off once I took it from the package. Just in case, I used my shop-vac on the entire rope to suck off any loose fibers. Then I wrapped the rope around the lid to get an idea of where to cut it. Keep in mind when you are doing this that the rope is stretchy. You'll want to pull t a little bit to keep it taunt but not too much because the more you pull it the more it will thin out. Once I was happy with the measurement, I cut it, formed it into a circle and attached the ends with a bent paperclip. I used the included cement to then attach the ends together.

Once that dried, I decided to leave the paperclip in for added support. I then put a very thin line of the Ultra Copper Silicone to the lid just under the raised lip. I then carefully rolled on the rope which smeared through the silicon nicely, then I let it dry.

This is where the 2 ends meet.

Final product after drying.

The Last step in sealing up the drum was to add bolts to the original leg holes. Just a couple of 1/4" stainless steel bolts (1" or shorter if you can find don't want them catching on your firebox.) and nuts. Very easy step.

Next Step: Paint and Assembly
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