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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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MY ECB IS FINISHED! Well, I guess it will never tuly be finished. I'm sure I'll be adding modifications, the first of which is the charcoal basket BluDawg recommended. I have a lot of pics so I will be breaking this up into multiple for each of my final steps. Towards the end I did not really take any photos until it was done, but I took post completion photos that will give you the idea.

First...the Thermometer. I bought a River Country thermometer and cut a 3/4 inch hole above the door.

You'll notice the hole is a little sloppy, I used a deburring brush afterwards and that cleaned it up nicely. I also painted the entire smoker before final assembly....more on that later.

This last pic was taken when I was seasoning it....I assure you i's not 300 degrees in my house.

Next Step: Adding a damper to the lid and sealing up everything else as best I can.
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