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Been using one for over a year. First, I find the temps to be spot-on with all my other thermometers. Really like the graphical look and the ability to label and set upper and lower alarms on both probes. The ambient temp probe has a useful grate clip. I also us the data file export feature to send data to and excel spreadsheet to keep as part of my cooking log. I've pretty much changed to H&F cooks, but when I was doing overnights I would park my pit about 75-100ft away from my recliner in the TV room (through trees, walls windows, etc.) and had good bluetooth reception on my iPad and the alarms let me get 1-2 hour naps between feeding the fire in my RF stickburner. One negative: I've noticed that switching linked devices can be a PITA. I usually use me iPad, but when I want to use my iPhone instead I find I have to "reset" the whole thing so it will recognize the iPhone (it wants to keep finding the iPad). I would by another one.
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