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Originally Posted by floydo View Post
fine lookin' platter.

i'll be down for brunch.

hey................i'm from NH but often get down to central mass. I have a daughter there. mind telling me where you found that packer ?

anybody know where I can find one in southern NH ?

anyway....back to the matter at hand. that is sweet lookin' meat !
Funny. I grew up in Amherst NH and used to go to silver lake all the time as a kid. Great area.

I asked the same question last year.

Walmart SuperCenters seem to carry full briskets. I bought this one at the Walmart off 146 in Worcester. They usually have 3-4 out and it's a bit of a crap shoot. Sometimes they are larger sometimes smaller. First one I got there was about 9lbs. This one at 13 was the best looking but they have 14 & 15 lb ones as well.
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