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Originally Posted by hominamad View Post
I guess the key question is, for those of you who have a kettle and an Akorn, what kind of cooks would you opt for the kettle over the Akorn?
I have both and to be honest, I am glad that I don't have to choose between them because they both are great cookers. They also both have strengths and weaknesses when compared side by side. You have been given lots of positives about the Akorn, but here is my answer to your question of what things I can do on a kettle that I can't do on an Akorn. IMO, the things that a kettle does that an Akron doesn't do are first, you can add a rotisserie to the kettle which is a great thing to have, especially for chicken. Second, the kettle allows you to easily build multi-zone fires and have simultaneous access to multiple cooking zones. These are where the kettle really shines and why it makes preparing different foods simultaneously like baking potatoes and cooking veggies while searing steaks. There are certainly ways to do that with an Akorn, but definitely not as easily as you can on a kettle.
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