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Default Another Brisket Pron thread: 13lb Packer on BW Party

Cooked a 13lb packer overnight. On at 8:00pm last night and off by 10:00am this morning. Coolered and drive it two hours down to the Cape to my wife's grandparents for lunch. I brought down three racks of ribs as well but didn't take pics of those.

Lunch is done and we are all full. Figure I would post before everyone wakes back up and we take the kids to the beach! Posting from my phone so excuse any typos.

Seasoned with low sodium lowry's, course black pepper, and SM Peppered Cow. Cooked on my Backwoods Party using hickory, apple, and trader joes HW briquettes. Used the water pan and ran the temp around 230-240 degrees. I made a maze recently that helps a ton with burn times.

Overall it came out good. But could have gone a bit longer in the flat but I had to hit the road. Slightly dry flat but when squeezed it still had goodness flowing out which you can see in the pics. Served in on my wife's grandmothers platter which makes it look fancy. Served sliced, chopped, and with some burnt ends. Her grandparents hasn't had brisket before so wanted to offer some variety.

Will be putting on of these pics in the brisket throwdown but haven't decided which yet. Open to suggestions.

Thanks for looking.
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