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somebody shut me the fark up.
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JMoney has some good info. You can also use celery salt as a base layer under your rub it has a Chit load of nitrates in it. I either cook on a UDS or a Stick burner and have never had Smoke Ring issues.I wouldn't loose sleep if I didn't get one as it is just lip stick turn out the lights and it still tastes like BBQ.
As far as the Roast beefy flavor it is one of those things that comes from switching from an all wood fire to a charcoal fire augmented with a little wood. I have always believed that the Best Tasting BBQ Flavor comes from an all wood fire. Switch to Lump and use MORE wood, mix a 1/2 bag of Chunks into your lump or as Jmoney said add a Mini log or 3.
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