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Default My 4th of July Pron (Butts, Spares & ABTs)

Cooked up a nice meal for the 4th.

Butt (Plowboys Yardbird rub):

And made myself Memphis style pulled pork sammich with it

Then Ribs (one with Simply Marvelous Cherry Rub, one with Simply Marvelous Spicy Apple):
Only have an 18.5 WSM

Done(my first time trying the foiling method)

And ABTs:

Some things I noticed:

-Letting ribs rest actually helps. I forgot about letting them rest since people were anxious to start eating, so I cut a rib out, and I thought the ribs were overcooked and was disappointed. However, I waited a little while to cut the rest, and after it had time to rest, the remaining ribs were cooked perfectly.

-I loved the taste of the smokey ribs, but I couldn't actually taste any difference between the 2 rubs. At this point, I think I just like the flavor of the smoke, so it almost seems pointless to use rubs for me...

-This was my first time making ABTs and I must have done something wrong because at the end of the day, there were still 3 left. (Looking at the picture, I'm guessing they didn't get cooked long enough. I'm a sucker for obliging to the demands of my anxious friends).

-I bought a few store barbecue sauces expecting that would be what people would like. I had a couple batches of my own homemade barbecue sauces for myself(so I can keep it paleo, and fine tune to my tastes). Everyone ended up using my own instead, meaning I gotta go and make even more now so that I can use it for leftovers.

-All my pictures are blurry. Hungry people don't appreciate me preventing their food consumption with my picture taking! Taking nice pictures is difficult when I'm in a hurry!
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